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Find Me

Where the trees dance and the leaves are greenest

Where time is slow

Where the temperature is just right, the sun is warm, the sky bluest, and the clouds softest

Where the birds songs are the only music

That is where you’ll find me

Somewhere Over Nowhere

Where is here and where is there?

Everywhere and nowhere

All at the same time

I am a lost cause

Or so they say

What am I and where am I at?

Only I will know


There goes another year,

Like another time,

Another place,

Another lifetime.

We’ve been able to get this far,

And farther we will go still.

The year will soon be new

But same old me and same old you.

Older and hopefully wiser and better and happier.

No plan will work out like you’d want to but go at it anyway

Because before you know it,

Another year would have gone by again.

Down By The Broken Tree House

I’ve traveled far and climbed the highest mountains 

But nothing compares with the broken tree house

It’s not much and it’s not a lot

But it’s where I can be just be me

I spend my time in search of a place

Where I can lay my ming to rest

And it is there that I can completely throw my troubles away


I breathed the air
It was unfamiliar
The wind was foreign to me

The place was well known
Yet unknown as well
To me it was a mystery

My feet took me to a place far
But I did not want to return
I wanted to stay lost and never be found
This place I can all my own


I started walking one day
Not knowing where to go or where to stay
Off I went to a place unfamiliar
Saw faces and things peculiar

I kept walking until night fall
Passed by a great hall
Strangers looked on
But before they could ask, I had gone

Am I lost without me knowing?
As years on my face are showing?
I thought I knew what I’d be by now
But still I’m at a standstill somehow

I guess I’ll continue walking some more
Until I find whatever it is I am looking for

Where Am I?

Where am I?

I do not know this place

This place is unfamiliar

Like a dream

A dream that once was

Lingered in my unconscious

Unconsciously I float

I flutter free

To where, where is I do not know

I do not know this place

Where am I?

Off To Wherever

If I can get there

Wherever there may be

I’d embrace the silence

I’d wrap the aloneness with my arms

I’d welcome solitude

No words need be spoken

Just stare down the city view

Pour my heart out

Let my lungs breathe

Let my chaotic heart be still

Be calm

Happy Place

Isolated from the rain just beyond the valley of serenity

Turn right where the four-leaf clover turns five

And you’ll see stars shine brighter at high noon


Over the bridge of hope

Above the waters of despair

A fork in the road you will see

Choose the one where the lilies wilt, they grow back before your eyes


Hold your breath to a view that’s indescribable

The music of life will then play its joyous rhythm

Such a great feeling

Such a wondrous sensation

What a happy place it is

I’ll be waiting

See you there

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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