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Late Night

One late night as I was walking home

Crossing the street, I saw a gnome

It waved and it winked

I stood frozen then I blinked

Somehow, it was gone in an instant


I continued on and saw a giant

He danced on air and was so pliant

He said a simple “Hi”

Then went and waved goodbye

I thought that scene was quite odd


So I walked on, this time seeing a dwarf

It was pulling something towards the wharf

It stopped and looked at me

Smiled, laughed and seemed full of glee

On it went then leaving me behind, wondering


Now it was getting far too late

The time was well over eight

When I heard a pixie singing out of tune

Which at first sounded like a baboon

It sang a song for me then away it went


It was just such a bizarre night

I didn’t know whether to laugh or have a fright

One things for sure though

I will never walk home alone again,

When it is late at night