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How It Felt

I took out his heart, cut it to pieces

Took out the knife, placed it where it deeply pierces

“Does it hurt?”, I asked

He looked aghast

Surprised with what I did.

He was in pain

But I felt no shame

We are almost even now.

And though this could never heal my heart

It’s best he knows how it felt when he took mine apart

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Break My Broken Heart

shatter to pieces my broken heart

hold me ’til I’m black and blue

I’m nothing but an empty shell, torn apart

I was a fool who had no clue


cut to pieces this hungry heart

and I’ll cure the disease

to make a fresh new start

so my mind can finally be at ease


bury this battered piece of heart

store it inside a freezer

someday it may become a world-famous art

right now though, it’s got a bad fever

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Falling To Pieces

you might think I’d fall to pieces

but you’ll never break me, as I only bend with ease

you can try pull me down

but you’ll never see me give up

shatter me, and I mold myself back

I dust off the sands, endure the pain

ignore the scars and scabs


I’m stronger than you think

I may cry, but it helps me overcome the fear

the shadow that you force to cast upon me

I will not hesitate

you will never win

see, negativity may make me fall to pieces

but I’ll just pick-up myself

mend myself…

…and start all over again

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His Heart In A Box

I found his heart and kept it in a box

didn’t thought of sharing it

for I’d like to keep it as my own


I kept it hidden with lock and key

and stow it away for the winter


He kept silent, he kept still

to pieces his heart was, to pieces it was

Like a puzzle, I pieced it one by one

stood up all night to get it mended

It sobbed, it cried and wailed

it was hurting


Warmth, heat, security, affection,

care,  belief, hope, hug, smile….love


To his heart I gave,

to his heart I surrendered

until mine crumbled and was left

with nothing


I mended his heart and in return

in return he broke mine

crushed, crumpled, mangled

into bits, into pieces so small it’s microscopic


And so it was,

I kept his heart

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When The World Ended

The day the world ended, the sun wept a cold tear

The moon was never whole again

The stars lost their shine

Darkness enveloped the Earth

The willow mourned and wept

 All the colors  have been drained

Never to be found again

The trees bent backwards, cowered in fear

The mountains crumbled into dust


The day the world ended, my heart was in pieces

For I have lost you