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An old photo from long ago

Has caused the faces to be faded

But the memories they rush quickly

Flooding like they never left.

A note from some years long gone

The letters are faded now

But the emotions it held are still quite visible

Clearer than when they were written.

And he has faded far into the background of my past

Not forgotten but slowly fading.

©Maria Michaela

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the old photo

the picture on the wall is stained

it has aged and is starting to fade

the color is washed out…..almost

the faces are still visible

and you long and yearn for those times

those years have gone by all too quickly

all to suddenly

the wooden frame is starting to waste away

decaying and rotting

moldy and smelly, but the faces are still visible

the memories are remembered, cherished

and will never be forgotten

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On My Day Off

the picture and the photo is faded and old

I keep it in my pocket where it’s scrunched up and kept fold

I hold the keys in my hand, they cling and they clang

the door upstairs is closed by the wind, I hear a loud bang

the shoes on the rack are covered with dust

as the iron clamp outside is full of rust

my watch tells me that I’m already late

the time is quarter past eight

my wallet in my bag and I’m ready to go

I’ll enjoy my night out and I’ll be taking it slow