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On April 24 to 27, 2018, my friends and I went to Batanes. It’s at the tip most of the Philippines and much closer to Taiwan. I’ve always dreamed of going there as it is not an easy place to get to. Here’s a video of the adventures we had.

Background music is Now I Can Dance by Tina Arena. No copyright infringement intended.

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Hope For The Hopeless

Do not lose hope, keep the faith

The storm broke us and we have lost many

Now’s the time for us to be as one

It never is easy but it will get better

God will never leave us and has not left us

I offer this hand of hope for the hopeless

Who will help me bear this to my countrymen?


*For my fellow Filipinos especially the Visayans

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Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)

Let’s pray for those severely affected by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). Here in the Philippines, Samar and Leyte are the ones affected the most. Thank you Lord for keeping the people of Cebu and Bohol safe. Please take care of those affected most. Help your people here in the Visayas as we are still recovering from the earthquake and now, we need to bounceback from the typhoon.

Thank you Lord for keeping my loved ones safe and sending Your angels to protect us here in Cebu.

Those who are reading this post, please help pray for us here in the Philippines.

Thank you and God bless.

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Mouthful (Noche Buena, Christmas in the Philippines)

mouth full of crackers and that’s just the start

I eyed the salad like a malicious kid

determined to go at it next

food was abundant on the table

but it won’t be soon, once Christmas dinner kicks off

we ate a little, we ate a lot

waiting for the clock to strike midnight

the family gathered, excitement in the air

we said grace and took on the feast

roast chicken, fruit salad, rice, fruit salad

brownies, sweet and sour pork, fruit salad

sodas, turkey, fruit salad….

after the mayhem, bellies full

we enjoyed a bit of family movie

and one by one we dozed off

still plenty of food left….waiting for us

for Christmas mornin’

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The Nipa Hut

Long way have I gone far away from home

I’ve gone all the way around, in fact the world I’ve combed

Been to so many places, been to so many cities

Been to many streets, roads and alleys

But I still yearn of my little nipa home

I have seen many buildings, tall and small

I’ve been in awe by a majestic mall

Architectures so beautiful

The simplest buildings fall humble

Yet nothing can compare to my little nipa home

I’ve lived in houses wide and narrow

I’ve lived in a house that looks like a burrow

Houses with attics, houses with chimneys

Houses near churches, others near cemeteries

Still I miss my nipa home

The walls are simply made of bamboos

Yet strong and never easily breaks too

The thatched roof where the nipa is

One of the reasons why my home I’ll miss

The warmth and welcoming sense of home

Can’t wait to get back to my nipa home

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Beautiful Cebu

Wide is the sun, light is the wave

Dark is the chocolate, the one I crave

Beautiful is the island, Pearl of the Orient Seas

Cool is the pineapple, wonderful is the breeze

The cross of Magellan, momentous where it stands

Near the church majestic, colossal and grand

Beaches, waterfalls, a paradise in Malapascua; a place you want to stay

Or maybe to a mountain top of a view that takes your breath away

Relax and unwind from the busy schedule

I stretch my legs and slice the mango; tasty, juicy, makes my saliva dribble

I listen to music from a guitar of awesome handicraft

This is Cebu, a place I call my home