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Sometimes physical, sometimes emotional
Other times mental

What’s certain is though is that it is rampant
Be the weather cold, dry, hot, snowing….
Sickness is everywhere

Your kind of sickness is physical
Mine is emotional
Others…..well others is a mixture but mainly mental

They put others down
They find content, or so they think, when others are in pain
Or undergoing hardship

Society has a sickness that is eating it up slowly
And most people don’t even know about it

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Hugs And Goodbyes

There are people who come to your life

They leave a certain mark

You either breathe harder or a lot easier

Sometimes a little bit of both

You feel their presence and look for it often

You become one so you feel a missing part

When they leave or when you temporarily part

You feel their love with every hug

And when the moment of goodbye happens

You just know everything will be alright

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Crowded place makes me nauseous

I do not wish to spend time with anyone

I’d prefer to stay at home and be alone

I am happy being by myself


Or so I pretend to be

Misery is deep within

If only someone could see right through

And save me

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People Change Like The Season

I shrivel and I wilt for all things grow old

What, you too will slow down

and take your step one at a time


The world will become too fast

and everything you’ve done would seem like a blur

You counted the days and could not wait

but now you start to wish they’d slow down


Your colors and mine are changing

from green to yellow and later on brown

That’s how things are,

best to let it be

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Everyday For Every Person

Everyday is a wonderful day…….for someone who’s counting their days

Everyday is magical……for a magician

Everyday can be an adventure…..if you’re a kid with wild imagination

Everyday is exciting………..for a person on a mission

Everyday is filled with colors……..for those who wish to see

Everyday is Valentines…….for people who are in love

Everyday is a way to learn

My everyday is awesome because I choose it to be

You’re everyday depends on how you look at it

May it be a beautiful everyday