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I couldn’t wait for love

I waited 

And waited

And waited some more

Until I just couldn’t take it
I didn’t look for it

Nor did I ask for it

I just up and left

Until it couldn’t find me
I didn’t care anymore

Myself was enough 

I kept myself free from it

Until such time it would just come and find me

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How is it that I stumbled upon you?
You give great mornings as I start anew.
I don’t want to rush things, I know I should wait.
I know the end will be great!
I pray you show some signs at least,
So my doubts can cease.

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Though you and I are not whatever people call as a couple
Know that the special feeling I have for you
Is solely for you

They can try to get my attention
But they are just distractions
The road I take is quite straight
And it leads to you

My eyes see only you
I hear not what they say
For I listen to you alone
You don’t make me feel giddy
You make me feel safe
And safety is more important than any giddiness

I want to tell you all this
But I can’t, that’s not me
I hope you can feel it
Sense it
And work on it
Because I’m only waiting
I am committed in waiting for you

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If the feeling is mutual then let it be

There’s no need to rush

Let’s just wait and see


If he feels the way she does

Then something grand is bound to happen

So there really is no need to rush


If she can be patient and just wait

Everything will fall in the right place

Others may even call it fate


Both are just taking time and testing the waters

Because they both know

It’s worth it all