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Patching Up Myself

I’m still not whole
I’m still in pieces
But I’m moving and slowly healing myself
Or trying to
In the process of letting go
I’d like to cry for one last time
Not because I still want to hold on
But because I want to finally get over you

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Patched Up

dust yourself, you’ll be alright

i know you’ve hurt a lot

rest assured well patch it all up

you’ll be better than new

the scar is a symbol of what you’ve overcome

the strength you thought

you never had

when we stumble, we learn to walk

when we fall, we learn to stand

when we persevere, we learn not to give up

so rest easy for you did well

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I’ll Patch You Up

the current was strong and the water was chilly

the night air felt like daggers on his skin

morning light a hundred hours away

he was shaking…not of fear

not from cold, but because of misery


the breeze hit his hardened face

his jaw locked and his shoulders hunched

lost was he in a highway of sadness

darkened and scarred

hope thrown out of the window

his tears all dried up


I’ll show you the sunlight

I’ll protect you from the cold of night

whatever you have broken,

I’ll patch it all up