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Swing By

I see you pass by and often it’s not accidental,

I purposely wait until you come along and yes, it’s not coincidental.

But I’m not the only one crushing on you,

Others go out of their way for you too.

You’re well admired for your character and charm,

And that smile! Oh, makes me feel warm.

So as you go on with your routine,

I wait for you to swing by while I sip some caffeine.

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The Passerby

I am just a passerby

I’m here one day and gone the next

I go from one city to the other, stopping only for a while

I move from here to there

My home is everywhere and anywhere

I am both a familiar face and a stranger

I leave a mark

Yet it can go unnoticed to many

But it will leave a mark to those who truly matter

I breathe the air…… could be my last

or not, maybe tomorrow

All I know is I’m here now but will be gone….someday

For I am and you are…..

We are all just passersby