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Take The Lead

Take my hand, take the lead

The dance floor awaits.

Hold me close, hold me gently

Spin me around and never let go.

Let’s sway to the music

Let the rest of the world melt away.

And as the music fades,

Hold me tighter until the next song starts.

©Maria Michaela

Significant Other

I often hear their stories

Of how falling in love lifted their worries.

They told me I have been missing out

But I hear nothing of this. I don’t hear them shout!

To have someone to call your own, they say

As if you can own a person, I dare say.

Why can’t they see that I am fine on my own?

I am fine being just by myself until my hair is grey and I am nothing but bones.


I danced alone, like I did for a thousand years

Some stare like I had an incurable sickness

Some are amaze at my boldness

Defying the norm.

I feel whole

I feel empty

I may in fact be incurable

But this shows I am strong enough to be on my own.

I Would Rather

It’s hard for most people to fathom or understand 

But I would rather be the old maid that’s happy

The one smiling and walking the streets merrily 
I would rather be single in my late twenties

Than settle and be regretful in my sixties

I would rather keep to myself if there is no one

Rather than throw myself to anyone
So yes, I would rather that you leave me alone

Because you’re not the one, no, not at all

For Myself

I take this road for myself
I take in the pressure
I take in the pain

I am alone but not lonely
Yet a partner in life is something I long for

Still, I go through day by day
By myself
For my own

How Am I Alone?

It gets kind of lonely
It gets kind of sad
Sometimes I want to just cry
Sometimes I just want to get mad

I’m fine being alone
In fact it can be enjoyable
But sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me
Am I not so sociable?

If I am destined to be alone
I will embrace it completely
I pray I will not be envious
And be contented and live happily

I’m Lost And Alone

I do not mind being alone
But now I feel this pain
My mind has been over blown
I don’t think I have anything to gain

People all around seems to have someone
And I am left with none

Am I so wrong that no one is right for me?
I wonder what it is I do not see

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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Rishita Sanya

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