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Partly sunny, partly cloudy
Partly sad and partly happy
Part of me taken by you
Partly why the weather is blue
Part of me loved you
Part of me didn’t want to let go

Partly cheery, partly gray
Part of you never wanted to stay
Partly awful, partly beautiful
The part of me that wanted to be cheerful
Part of it was dead and gone
So I let go
And now the whole of me happily walks under the sun

Little Part

I’m a mess

I am unpredictable

I can be indecisive

Yet when I come up with a decision

I am stubborn


I breathe fresh flowers in the mornings

Be optimistic

But weak at heart

I am changeable yet unchanged

This is me

A little part of me


What Part of No

What part of no is so hard to understand?

Why can’t you let it go?

Don’t wait around, it’s a waste of time

It will only hurt you so

What part of no don’t you get?

It’s really plain and simple

Nothing good will come out from this

You’ll end up crying and your face full of pimples

What part of no would you want to be explained?

Let’s elaborate the situation, shall we?

You’ll end up with a broken heart again

Let him go, just let it be

What part of no is so wrong?

Why can’t I just let him go?

I know he will never be mine

He’s found a love that is true

What part of no makes me want him so?

His gentle smile, his jokes and tattoos

His charm, his presence, his warmth

A broken heart I will then choose

 I still long for him somehow

Touched by love and shot by cupid

My feelings for him still shows

I know it might sound stupid

He didn’t say no out loud, he didn’t have to

I read his mind, he’s actions said so

He wanted to ask, “what part of no..?”

Instead he just kept silent, which made me more blue

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