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Didn’t know what to do what was I thinking?
No, I…I wasn’t thinking at all
something told me, whispered to my ear
what is this? what have I done?
Where is here and when is now?
I’ve been loosing time
can’t recall what happened
He calls…from a distance
…don’t know who he is
A dark passage, voices so many voices
talking at the same time
Some taunt, some laugh, some cry one…
one voice tells me to run
What have I done? What did I do?
“RUN!”, the voice said
I do not recall anything
Where is here and when is now?
Something slimy and warm
runs from my arm to my hands
what is this? where am I?
what have I done?
A person, laying like crumpled paper
vision so vivid,
passing and playing in my mind…
my mind like a movie, a silent movie
What is this I’m holding?
help me! someone, please!
I’m shaking, I close my eyes
where am I? what have I done?
“RUN! RUN!”, that voice again, the voice I hear
a dark, deep voice is talking now
silencing the voice that’s been….. telling me to run
A laugh, a scary, cold laugh I look around
…where’s the voice?
where are these voices coming from?
I hear…I hear someone speak
I spin around and face the mirror
to my surprise, my lips move
a voice came, that was not my own
“YOU!”, it said…”we are coming from YOU”
I am lost…I cannot be saved
…..not anymore