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The Old World

I don’t miss waking up early to get to work

But I miss going to work and seeing workmates who are now like family.

I don’t miss the traffic and the time spent confined in a jeepney for many hours just to get home

But I miss being able to go out anywhere at almost any time.

I don’t miss the over crowded places

But I miss the crowd of friends and families getting together.

I definitely don’t miss the pollution and would prefer going out to inhale a fresher air.

That was the old world,

Just some months ago.

©Maria Michaela

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The Window

I sat at the dining room, working on overtime

I typed away to get the work done.

Then, a light came through from the outside

Illuminating the darkened space.

The sunlight coming through the window

And I thought, how beautiful it was.

©Maria Michaela

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Hello Out There

On the inside looking out. Loving their freedom and energy. Sometimes I crave it. But also fear it.

“Put yourself out there”, they would say. I automatically think of being put on display for everyone to scrutinize, to look at. But I don’t want attention. I just want to be seen, heard. There’s a difference.

So, despite the fear I took the step and opened the door. Doing my best to be ready to take on the unknown.

©Maria Michaela

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No Love

They judge me

They tell me I’ve never truly felt love

Or been in love
But how would they know?

The dim witted often think they’re smart

They will never understand 

And I won’t care

Because I know,

Heartbreak is all I’ve ever had 

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I’m the one who’s always on the other side of town

Never the one chased

Always the one chasing

I’ve been feeling pathetic lately

I feel sorry for myself

I try to pick myself up

And I know, I know better

I can be happy in my own

But why do I feel so empty?

I feel I don’t belong

I wonder where I will be

Sometimes I just want to be alone

Because solitude is my best friend

It always has

And always will be

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………Wards back, around turn

flop flip, top tiP………

……..Down upside, turvey topsy

out inside, ground bacK……..

……..Body every, night mid

times some, skirts ouT…….

……..Ship relation, stairs down

garten kinder, sheets worK……..