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On The Contrary

On the contrary, I don’t really mean to be mean

I just act the way I do

Not because I hate you

But because I can be so insensitive

Let’s be friends, shall we?

Not minding my non intimacy

Here’s to the cheers

Of  life and of friends

Let’s be different shall we?


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On Being Jealous

This heart knows only one thing and that it’s beating for you

I gave my heart to you long time ago

I knew that one day you’d make it blue


Yet no love is perfect, except that of our Almighty

So I did not take back what I gave

Hoping you’d see I’d be your one and only


A situation happens leaving me to doubt and hurt

You say one thing and do another

Should I just stop this feeling inside and avert?


Your heart for mine is all I want

And now it’s crushed

You try to explain but I don’t wish to listen

My heart has been hurt, it’s now mum and hushed


Still you try to explain but when jealousy creeps

It plays a masterful trick

Leaving my body unspoken, shivering and sick


Let the pain go away

Better struck dead than slowly be eaten and wasted

by this jealousy from within