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A smile so natural, you don’t know what it does to me.

Hoping someday you’ll see

That you and I could become “we”

Or “us”

That would be a plus!

There’s nothing else to discuss.

I hope to me, you’d be interested

Because with myself, I am infuriated

As I can’t keep straight the things I’ve stated

I am much too infatuated

with you.

©Maria Michaela

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Unnoticed (Mouth Shut)

Like the beauty of the darkness that is often left unnoticed
These feelings I feel for you are like so

Kept secret,
In the background,
Because no matter how much I’d like to tell you
I know better
I should and must keep my mouth shut

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The Question That You Didn’t Ask

i can’t blame you if you don’t feel the same way as i do

can’t blame you even if i really wanted to

you joke around and it’s so easy for you

because the feeling is not as mutual as i’d like to think it so

i’d leap at every opportunity to be with you

yet you easily turn me down

you flirt around a girl you find attractive

can’t do anything about it because you are not mine to own

you ask if i’m okay but that’s not what you should be asking

ask me if i’m jealous,

ask me if i’m hurt

because pretending to be okay is easy

but what i’ve been wanting to do is tell you the truth

all you have to do is ask the question that you didn’t

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so many….

like the fish in the sea or the leaves on a tree

admire you, are attracted to you


And I….

I cheer

I smile

I pretend


Then I wonder

if somehow you noticed

or are noticing

some signs perhaps?

does it show?


a pretender am I

and a good one at that

I hide reality and wrap myself around

the fake smile

though I long still for some attention


I know deep within

friendship is what you only offer


I still dream and wish that at least this once

at least this time

at least you

would ever take notice of me

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The Faceless One

In front of you but you do not see

Eyes of brown looking through

Past me and through the wall

Wondering if you really do see

You see only another girl

Another friend and nothing more

Wishing you could feel the way I do

Hints sent and point taken

But still we are here

And nothing more

Am I really just that girl?

The one familiar?

Can’t I ever be anything more

than just the faceless one?

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Ignore the scars, the battered face

In darkness I unfold but never to be seen

Unknowing passersby stare straight through

Yet they do not see

And they never will

For I fade into the backdrop and blend unto dilapidated buildings

I am a mere shadow ignored all the time

For I seem unimportant


My movement is silent, unseen and unknown

Like a whisper so silently noisy

A phantom I am, for all not to see

Invisible to the naked eye


I am a shadow

A wanderer

A secret that remains buried

Ignored by the times

And will be forgotten before ever being remembered