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Onion Skin

Onion skin, onion ring, what good could you possibly bring?

I peel off each set of skin and I watch them all fall

They fall to the ground but they do not decay

I hear them cry and scream in fear

But I continue on

I remove the skins as if removing a suit of armor

Difficult, tight, not easy


Happy I am to get rid of them

Yet my eyes sweat the salty waters

I continue to remove them but oh it hurts me so

Still I know what I must do


The onion skin reveals a face

A face that’s strange to me

Hidden for so long that familiarity has flown out the window

Remove them slowly and let them all fall

The time to show the real me

Has come at long last


Goodbye onion skin

Farewell to thee

I shed and peel them off despite the sting

left on my new set of skin

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This New Year

she looked at me with sad eyes – they were puffy from crying

it’s one of those sad days when you just want to escape – feel like flying

away, just far away from here

far away from this daunting fear

yet reality was there in front of me

we were imprisoned and I wanted to be set free

I wanted to see her dance and sing

oh! the joy that it used to bring

I pictured enjoying the new year, with her and the family

us sitting at the table, eating happily

yet here we are with the news we dreaded

we all knew where this was headed

like every hurdle, we’ll get through this, I know

it’s just I feel like breaking sometimes — my smile is just for show

I’m doing this all for her, I need to stay strong

and one day, she’ll be able to sing that familiar song

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The Traveller

One step, two step…becomes a hundred then a thousand

go here then there over the ocean

start slow then fast, walk then run and hop and jump

From the sea to the mountains

 to the plains then the city and back again

one step, two step…becomes a hundred then a thousand

So far away from home yet

…still close to home at the same time

to see the rainbow, the river and the stream

to see the busy streets…

the cafe, the pubs and towering buildings

To be lost in serenity and be found again

in excitement

one step, two step…becomes a hundred then a thousand

Ride a boat or a plane

fly through the air in a hot air ballon

ride a bike or swim…just carefree

Stroll or hike or climb then take a rest

under the warm sunshine

hide under the desert rain

…come out of the melting snow

The never ending travel,

the never ending adventure

one step, two step…becomes a hundred then a thousand