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A Simple Word

“I love you” is a simple word

But greatly abused

Greatly over used

Greatly misused

Mostly taken advantaged of

And often forgotten.

And so I say to all those who need to hear this,

Remember these words

I love you

©Maria Michaela

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Is it easier to hurt than to love?

Easier to promise the stars above

Than to just be kind to the needy.
Is it easier to walk away than to stay?

Easier to promise a better day

Than make one for someone.
Sometimes it’s easier to lose hope than be hopeful

Because the people now have made me doubtful 

And that’s a sad thing, I reckon.

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Needless Needle

the needle’s eye pierces through

the cloth bleeds

as it clots once more by the thread that passes

it hurts all over again


a prick in the hand may not hurt much

yet the pain is searing

a single teardrop falls


I wince and the needle stares back

so I resume hurting the cloth once more