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Impossible (Too Far)

It’s impossible to fall

It’s impossible still not to

It’s impossible for him and I

We’re farther than the moon and the sky.

It’s impossible that we will be

It’s just impossible, don’t you see?

For our worlds are far apart

And only I know that I am the other half of his heart.


In my dreams he and I have known each other for long

But in reality, we are miles apart

Never to know each other at all

Nearly There

When I haven’t started, they doubted me

Which made me doubt myself too

But as I started, those who doubted faded slowly

So I did what I had to do
Step by step, slowly with each inch

I worked hard despite getting tired along the way

Almost losing sight of the goal, so myself I had to pinch

I questioned myself but carried on anyway
And now, here I am where they say I could never be

I’m nearly there despite the bruises and scars you see

Long Way

I started a journey, I took a step

I leapt without knowing

I made my way through and struggled hard

I’m not there yet but the end is in sight

I’ve come a long way and made it thus far

As I look back at that first step, could not imagine it’s been this long

And thay first step? I’m glad I did it

I’m Almost There

I’m nearing the end

I can almost see it now

And when it comes my exit won’t be dramatic

I’ll try to make it artistic

The last post is almost there

I’m Almost Done

I can’t take much anymore

I’m almost full, almost done


Move Closer

Tight squeeze like sardines
We sit side by side ever closer to each other
I’m not minding the closeness of your presence
Not minding our proximity
Wondering though if this was the closest we’ve been thus far

I like how close we are though it may be nothing to you
I pray there may be another chance, another time like this

Slow Dance

I’d like to dance with you

Just a slow one, I’m not in a hurry
Just so I can be close to you
Just so I can hold your hand
Just so I can look into those eyes
Just so I can smell your perfume

Just because I like you

If only it weren’t so awkward,
I’d ask you to do a slow dance with me

I close my eyes and dream of stars
Waiting for him to come back from Mars
Cosmic love can take its toll
It’s not easy after all
He is there, far away
While in some galaxy I lay
I reach out my hand hoping he would take it
But he’s too far and my heart knows it
When will time and space favor us?
May his spaceship pass wormholes to try and link us


I breathed the air
It was unfamiliar
The wind was foreign to me

The place was well known
Yet unknown as well
To me it was a mystery

My feet took me to a place far
But I did not want to return
I wanted to stay lost and never be found
This place I can all my own

Don Charisma

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