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Nature Feels

See the sky?

It’s blue but it’s happy

See the river?

Its green but does not envy

The clouds are white and pure

But it can also be dark and heavy

Nature can be full of wonder

Full of emotions

The rustling of the breeze
Trees bending with ease
The wind sweeping the dry leaves away
They fly as if dancing through their way

And I, a passerby
Take time to reflect in nature’s performance

Whatever troubles you had yesterday.
I told the rainbow to stop your tears and hear your cries
By sharing its colors to remove your grey skies.
I told the sun to keep you warm and to brighten up
To make your shivering stop.

I hope you know I truly care,
But to show to you, this I don’t dare.
I don’t have the right to care so much for you
But I hope you know, when you’re down I’m blue.
And so I told Mother Nature to show her care
I think it’s only right, I think it’s only fair.


See poetry isn’t always about love and loss
It can be about nature, the environment and a greater cause.

About the planet, the greenhouse effect, pollution
About rebuilding, finding better alternatives, and solutions.

Most plants, trees, animals, are dying
What are we, in our little ways, doing?
We need to take action instead of moping and crying.

I can feel the world is sick because of what we have done
Look at the world now and what it has become.

Summer has always been hot but now it’s scorching
Let’s face it, taking a blind eye isn’t working.

This poetry may not do so much
But I hope it reaches people and they feel touched
By how wonderful Mother Nature truly is
And keeping her safe means for our own good, that’s the purpose of this.

Color Me Blue

‘Twas a blue moon over the horizon and I was alone
Poems are what the moon is made of as I fell in love with it over again
It was out there while I stood here
Our love story is a little bit of a tragic one
Still, my heart leaps with joy each time I gaze upon it

Maria Michaela

It calls to me
The mighty,
The majestic sea

I long for its sweet embrace
Sun kiss upon my face
And the sea dancing with grace

When will I marvel once more?
Just like I did before
Sleeping on the shore

Soon I will visit the sea
Be in awe with its majesty
Once again….the sea and me

Music In Nature

Listen to the breeze
The birds hum
The butterflies flutter
The wind sings
And the clouds dance
Beautiful music everyday


I held the moon in my hands

And decorated my hair with the stars

Painted the clouds with the rainbow

Danced with the shooting star

I stare into the night sky

Contented with such work of art

Trees Over Buildings

Under the cloudless sky, the scorching heat let’s its presence known

Mother Nature at its peak, boasting of her power

While the people all cower, hide under the magnificent Acacia tree


Looking around you’ll see only that one old tree

It stands majestically beautiful in the midst

of the steel trees they call buildings

who take pride in their tallness and glamour


They took them all and didn’t even bother to think

of the consequences

Yet there they were, seeking shelter under its branches and leaves

Cool air being provided despite the dryness


And as the sun slowly hid behind the clouds white

I can’t help but wonder if someday they too might take that old Acacia tree

A long, long time ago

I dreamed of a dream from a dream

Where the hills lay sleeping

And the willows smile

The mountains kiss the bluest sky

Grasses green, crickets sing

I see eternal evergreen


Meadows vast and clouds-a-cotton

Wear a star as a crown

A peaceful delight of lovely view

I dreamed of a dream from a dream

Not so very long ago

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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