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You can’t find the words to describe me.

I am known and unknown to you.

I am a familiar face and a stranger at the same time.

You think you know me but you are doubtful.

You look for the slightest touch of familiarity but it’s not there.

You stare and wonder and ask yourself

“Who is she?”

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Makes Me Rhyme

I hate that I love you

I hate that I care

I hate that I’m hurting

I hate it, I swear
I hate the way you make me smile

I hate that I’m still waiting

I hate being so close to you

I hate that I am aching 
I hate hearing your name

It should be good as committing crime

I hate hating you because…

Hating you makes me rhyme 

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M Is For….

M is for the eyes that noticed,
For the heart that learned to slowly love

M is for the feeling of happiness, seeing you

M is for me, the one who you don’t notice

M is for you, the one that’s slowly taking my heart

M stands for your name, the one I most adore

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His Name Is Jeffrey

His name is Jeffrey

I didn’t know him well

He was friends with my friends

And that was swell

I was attracted to him

Though I knew my chances were dim

And chances of being friends were slim


I saw him at work

Every now and then

We never really talked

And I didn’t care much back when

He had this air of arrogance

So I thought no way, not a chance

But that was back then


And then it started

A little bit of chance

It wasn’t all that

No not at first glance

I didn’t know he would be the one

But that’s how it all begun


His name is Jeffrey

And I will start to tell our story