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I walked with the moon
Hand in hand as I swooned
While over the great beyond
The stars parade every second
The music of the mystic night
Blanketed the space that was left by the light
I held my breath as this orchestra unfolded
‘Twas an epic scene which left me dumbfounded

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Mystic Moon


Someday, I’ll be able bask under it without interruption

I’ll be able to enjoy its setting and rising

Be awed in amazement by its beauty over and over again

Relish every moment until I’m contented

Until my mind is full of mental pictures to last a lifetime

Someday, I’ll be able to touch it and run a race around it

Perhaps I’ll do a limbo and dance the cha-cha if I have time

Work a tan or what have you

For now, I look from afar

Forever mystified



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