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He Said

He said, “you’re beautiful”

Seeing only what’s outside 

He could have said, “you’re soulful”

Had he known what she was inside 
He said, “you’re smile is captivating”

Not really knowing she was a paradox

He should have  said, “you’re something”

Knowing full well he knows nothing of her
He said many a things 

None of them she felt were real

Because they were just words

And she knows how words can slip by

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It’s A Mystery

It’s a mystery to me
On why I even entertained to feel something for you
I’d like to take it back
If only I could

I’ve given it some thought
And decided to give it some time
After which I will hold it down
Knowing that I’ve waited

I hope you realize though, that my waiting can only go so far
Because even if it may be time to let go
It would still be a mystery to me
Why I would love you still

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She was, she is, and always will be

She keeps her hair messy
just because she can
She can look real pretty
but of that she’s not a fan

She would be brilliant with make up on
but she hates it when people stare
So she carries herself with almost no color on
she feels more lovely with her face bare

She can be predictable, sweet and charming
but she can also be a mystery, fiery, and annoying

She is all and nothing too
No one can understand her
Not really,
Not even you

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Her True Nature

He thought he wanted her
Just because of how she looked
He could never fathom her
She would never give it away

She was a mystery
And she wanted to keep it that way
He kept on guessing
But he could never capture her true nature

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Adrift in this cold ocean life

I watch you with intensity

You move were the waves take you

and I, an onlooker can only wonder


You would not let me or anyone know

A tip of the iceberg is all that is shown


Your fears you hide, along with happiness

not trusting anyone

You continue to move along, still hiding

and I, still hoping to know more of you

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Secrets of the Trees

The trees spoke to me

With incessant ecstasy

They hold the secrets of the mysteries

Of the land and beneath the seas


They told me of the secret of the sky

And the reason children ask “why”


They told me why the buzzing bees

Never care much for cheese


They told me that they also cry

Whenever one of their kind would die


I was in awe and felt weakness in my knees

After I learned the secrets of the trees

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Bookshelf on the Pillows

books lined up all ready to be read

the sensation of seeing all of them lined up

brings curiosity and a small grin curls up the mouth

which one, which one?

which one to read first?

adventure or mystery or sci-fi?

maybe non fiction? how about fairytale?

my eyes are glued to the beauty the shelf holds

my fingers anticipate, as if drooling

I pick one and curl up , snuggle in

Tonight, I’ll be sleeping with this book in hand