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Lukewarm Feelings

There is uncertainty

Trying to determine whether the emotions flowing are sending the right vibes

Is it mutual?

Is it the same?

But, still unsure

Too busy over thinking

Because it would seem to me, I am the only one feeling the intensity

While you, you only have lukewarm feelings for me

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Clearly Ambiguous

He slips his fingers between mine

Oh! They feel unfamiliarly familiar

He is not mine, though inside I can only wish he was

But we belong together


Together but not to each other

No questions asked

Ambiguity as it is

I breathed in deeply as our bodies become closer

Interlocked in a real hug

I’m engulfed with his perfume

As we bid adieu for the moment

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If the feeling is mutual then let it be

There’s no need to rush

Let’s just wait and see


If he feels the way she does

Then something grand is bound to happen

So there really is no need to rush


If she can be patient and just wait

Everything will fall in the right place

Others may even call it fate


Both are just taking time and testing the waters

Because they both know

It’s worth it all