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It Must Be

It must be exhausting being you

Always on the spotlight

Never able to hide from the world.


It must be awful being you

Not able to decide for yourself, not really

Always being told what to do

Because that is the price you pay in exchange for the fame they give you.


It must be cruel in the world you’re living

Because no smile or kindness shows on you

It must be hard to pretend it’s all perfect

When deep down you’re struggling to breathe and break free.

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If I Must

If I must take the road less traveled…

I would gladly take the adventure


If I must be covered in mud…

I’d let it cover me head to feet


If I must bleed…

Then bleed I shall


If I must suffer and face the obstacles head on…

I say, bring it on!


If I must stumble and fall…

Then let it be


For in the end I will be stronger

Be better

And be more appreciative

If all this I must face and do…

Then I will