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You Were The Music

I crossed the room in search of something

And in the corner of my eye, I saw you there, standing

I flinched a little knowing we were in the same room

No one noticed because the dance floor was busy

I wondered, as I often did when it came to you, if you saw me

Or did you pretend not to?

The music went on, just like you did

I was the dancer lost into you, my music

You were the music but now, no more

I should have known that symphonies also ended

Gradually it starts and then fade

Like my emotions for you

But I’ll never be rid of that feeling

The one that churns your insides

That uncontrollable feeling of guilt for me and sadness for what we never were

But I steadied myself and went out of the room

Not because you were there, but because there was no point in staying

Like the music, this will soon fade

And you will just be another song I’ll sing about

©Maria Michaela

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Take The Lead

Take my hand, take the lead

The dance floor awaits.

Hold me close, hold me gently

Spin me around and never let go.

Let’s sway to the music

Let the rest of the world melt away.

And as the music fades,

Hold me tighter until the next song starts.

©Maria Michaela

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Poets are mostly introverts

Whose emotions they pour over





They do not seek attention but would like the world to know they exist

We exist!


They see beauty in the sorrow

Turn ugly into pretty

They cry silently though

Their tears they turn to inspiration to others


They are dreamers

They are poets

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Find Me

Where the trees dance and the leaves are greenest

Where time is slow

Where the temperature is just right, the sun is warm, the sky bluest, and the clouds softest

Where the birds songs are the only music

That is where you’ll find me