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Moving With Life

I loved the rainbows, I loved the rain

I loved the happiness, I loved the pain

The sun shines bright

And sometimes it gets darker than the night

But through it all I carry on

Foward, onward, moving on.

I’ve Moved

I no longer look at you like the way I used to

I no longer try to impress you or get your attention

I move just as the way I used to

I look at you and see, I see nothing there

I’m letting it all go

I will move on and away

Thank you for the lesson

Watch me smile and walk away
I am no longer afraid to leave
Finally realized there is no point for me to stay
No longer holding on to nothingness

It is not easy and the road I take is unfamiliar
Yet I know I’m getting there
It will be over soon
I will be over you

I’m Gone

I don’t want to look back anymore
I’m done
I’m tired
I want to be free
Free of you

Because from what I see
You’re free of me
Or perhaps, you never were into me to begin with

I cried, poured my heart out
Felt sorry for myself

But I never want to be bitter
And I never was or am
May you find happiness
The one I sought from you

So here I am
Stepping out to the sun
Hoping with all hopefulness
I move
Slowly I move away from you
Until finally
I’m gone

Keep Moving

Hold me high

Or leave me hanging

Where I’ll be

I guess I’ll have to keep moving

The world moves slowly

Yet ever so carefully

And so I too, move

Ever gracefully to the natural groove

I let the pieces go

And I start moving again, to where the wind blows

We Move

We move, constantly

One place to another

Here and there

Up and down and even side ways

Fast and slow


We move, constantly

But should take time to slow down

And stop

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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