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Your Affection

Now I’ve learned to stand on my own

Now I’ve found my strength

Now I no longer mourn for the death of my heart

I have accepted reality and all the facts

And I am moving on

Now I no longer linger in your shadows

Slowly I’ve let go

You do not have to worry or pity me

For I no longer long for your affection

The same way as I did before


I hold my tongue

And bite my lip

I hold my breath just one last time

I take the plunge

And I am engulfed in water


And I am neither chained nor free

We Move

We move, constantly

One place to another

Here and there

Up and down and even side ways

Fast and slow


We move, constantly

But should take time to slow down

And stop

Story Of A Boy

He smiled the sweetest smile

He had the greatest mind

Admired by many and idolized

Yet a hurting secret is kept deep inside.


He appears the most out going,

The most cheerful person

Yet he longs for companionship

He longs the closeness, the love of a family

He hides the hurt hoping they’ll slowly go away


Somehow it leaks out

He can never hide it

With courage, real courage…

He faces them head on

Even if his future might be uncertain

He hopes to get through it all

Finally be able to bury the skeletons in his closet

Move….Moving On

I enjoyed the chase,

The fall

Like the leaves of summer giving way to autumn


It’s never easy

To try to move on

Specially when it’s like nothing happened


But the grey clouds that used to haunt

My every waking day

Is slowly melting away

Like the ice-cold heart I had after you


Someday I’d be able to take

The awkwardness and just be happy

For the time spent

Forget the hurt


Slowly, steadily I am

Starting to move towards a new chapter

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Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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