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In The Movies

I could be in two places at once 

I could be a princess who stole the prince’s heart at a glance

I could be an explorer of a strange new land

Or an archeologist digging the sand

I could be the damsel who behaves properly

I could be the one who slays monsters eagerly 

I could be so many things when I’m watching a movie

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I guess I watch too many chick flicks

That I have no idea how to get real kicks 

Out of life, out of love

But what do I have?

Cliched words if ever there is such a word

Waiting for my prince in shining armor and with his sword

I get tired of being too romantic but then crave for it

Deep inside I do know

All I want is to be cliche in romance

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A Movie

I wept hard and felt the words

But it was just a movie


I was moved and felt it all

But it was just a movie


I told myself not to cry

But I wept hard

As if I were the character there

Though it was just a movie


The words spoken seeped through my heart

They were real and true

Even though it was a just a movie


I guess after all

It may not have been just a movie

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Just Like Jules

I watch the movie over again

Replay it in my mind

Wonder if it may be true for me

If ever “the one” I can find


She’s graceful and elegant in her own ways

Can be feminine, can be tomboyish

And that’s all fine

She’s a wonder


She’s a friend who wished she took the time

For the one she truly loved was in front of her

Alas! He found someone else

Now she suddenly feels alone


Her love life may not have been how it should end

But it was beautifully, wonderfully written

I can only hope mine would be as such

As I’d like to think I’m just like Jules


(Inspired by Julia Roberts’ character in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Julianne or Jules)

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The Poem

The young and the young at heart

Go on an extraordinary adventure

To a far off place, worlds a part

Both seem to be oh so different

As if nothing is in common

Yet deep inside they have more to share

The quest seems too much to handle

Fly a house halfway around the world

And settle it atop a waterfall

Adventure leads to friendship

And leading closer like family

Over coming the hardships

One learns to live, the other to be strong

Both learn to laugh and be happy

through it all

In the end the hole has been filled

And a new adventure is started

Both feeling finally complete

(inspired by the Disney movie “UP”)



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Sunday Special

Nothing like waking up to a mildly cold weather

The rain has just stopped, everyone is still asleep

Stretch those slowly aging bones

Greet the day with a smile

Today I feel like being lazy

Maybe even pull some Bruno Mars song

I might watch a movie through DVD or HBO

Maybe buy some chips, anything can happen

Karaoke is also on the list,

A bit of dancing perhaps, let's do the Twist!

If the weather will get too hot

Summer in the Philippines can be tough

I'll probably fix a shake

Or go to the mall and eat Halo-Halo

Today's my day, today is special

Anything can happen....anything at all