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Finally Happier

You caught me by surprise and I didn’t know any better

There was peace in your eyes

And I knew

You were happier

Finally happier


Cry, Cry, Cry

Tears fall

Tears come

Tears flow

Tears gone

I cried when you broke my heart and you didn’t evem know

But that was in the past

You are just a past and

I will cry no more

I’ve Moved

I no longer look at you like the way I used to

I no longer try to impress you or get your attention

I move just as the way I used to

I look at you and see, I see nothing there

I’m letting it all go

I will move on and away

Thank you for the lesson


Slowly, I let you go
Slowly, I accept
Slowly, I begin to know
Slowly, I tell myself that just like before I will be alright
Slowly, I come to terms…
…that I am to walk this earth on my own


Partly sunny, partly cloudy
Partly sad and partly happy
Part of me taken by you
Partly why the weather is blue
Part of me loved you
Part of me didn’t want to let go

Partly cheery, partly gray
Part of you never wanted to stay
Partly awful, partly beautiful
The part of me that wanted to be cheerful
Part of it was dead and gone
So I let go
And now the whole of me happily walks under the sun

Just Let Go

I told myself I’m fine
Pretended to be okay
But seeing him was torture
And I didn’t like it, no way

He was happy, I was not
But I didn’t like the bitterness
I wanted to let go
And enjoy my own sweetness

When It’s Broken

When you’ve gotten your heart broken
It feels your whole world has been taken
Taken away right before your eyes
You don’t even get to say your goodbyes
But when the dust settles
You’ll find out, everything is alright

Went Away

He took the stars from the heavens
He took my heart away
Broke it to pieces, there were seven
But I didn’t ask him to stay

I bled, I died
Then I was reborn
Rivers many I cried
But now, I am no longer forlorn

He Was

He was what I longed for
What I thought was my world
Part of me hoped for
But it wasn’t meant to be
He was the sunset
What I needed was sunrise
He walked in my life
And now he saw me walked out of his

Used To

I used to wait
I used to hope
I used to trust in fate
But now it’s a nope

I used to hold on
Afraid to lose what was never there
Now, I go on
No more in fear

I smile for I now know I habe the courage to….
Let go

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