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Heart once was full, now there is none.

Heart once was gold, now it’s all gone.

Heart that was neat, now all a giant mess.

Heart that had more, now is feeling less and less

My Curse

I’ve been cursed to love more than I should

Cursed to feel more than any human being should feel

Cursed to fall for people who can’t or won’t love me back

This is my curse.

© Maria Michaela


There are days that I feel I can do it all

That nothing can stop me.

However, these days are minimal.

Oh how I wish they came more than usual.

Love Me

Love me more

Love me a little

Love me once

Or love me never

The choice is yours

Still, I wish you would

No More

I have no words left to say

I’ve lost and used it all

I told you all I could and needed

Still, it’s no use

I have nothing to give

I will not ask you to stay

I ask no more from you

So expect no more from me

Time, Yes Time

Just a little more time

To take some more

We ask for more

Can’t afford any more


Little Time

So busy with many things

Not much joy it brings

I go to and from

Sticking to my daily grind like a gum

I want to do this, I’d like to do that

Do all the things I’d like and what

Sometimes I’d like to stop time

I don’t think that’s a crime

To wish for things to slow down

And enjoy the view of this town


A lot to care for

A lot to love

A lot to devote time

And whatever you have

A lot to be thankful

A lot to be nice about

A lot to show honesty

And erase that sad pout

A lot to be sad for

But a lot to be happy

For things always get better

Since a lot of things are yet to come

And I for one, couldn’t be any wiser

More For Today

I pray you’ll be blessed

And be kept safe, always

May you find that love,

True love for you, is available all around

May your today be better than what your yesterday was

Know that there is someone

Praying that your today be more blessed

No more, No more

According to fate, it’s meant to be

You and I together happily

I won’t hold back and hide anymore

Let me show you what I have in stored

This feeling grows stronger day by day

I’d like to hear what you might say

Shall we ride in your chariot and run towards the sunset?

Or will you leave me here hanging and feeling upset?

You can’t fight fate as it’s all clear now

You and I will end up together somehow

I can see it now and I won’t hold back

We’re on our way this is the right track

‘Til then I’ll wait, no holds barred

No holding back, no more, no more

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Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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