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The Right Sound

Music feeds the soul

Everyday I look for the sound that suits my mood

Every song is my jam

Frees my mind from worries 

I let it take me away to a better place

As I go through my daily life

When you hear the beat

You hum along to it
A little bit of tap
And then you do a little clap
Do a bit of snap
You then sing along
And suddenly twisting, turning and dancing
It feels great and you feel great too!

Maria Michaela

Coffee In The End

Mornings would not be complete

If coffee is not within reach

You put your hands up,

As a sign of defeat

You move slow, slower than a turtle

Taking each step so slow

Never jumping any hurdle

So you drag yourself to stay up

When will the zombie mode stop?

Point taken and lesson learned

No matter what,

You’ll need coffee before the day ends

Music Your Day

Such a quiet and boring day

Need to lift your mood

Turn the radio on

And tap your feet to the beat

Nod your head

And raise your hands

Make it your day

December Stars

They twinkle bright,

brighter than a diamond

I look at them

up in the sky like almonds

Somehow they shine brightest in December

I could swear they looked ever so different

back in September


Not only is the mood

different altogether

but the atmosphere, the sky

look so much better

There’s something about the stars in December,

they certainly look more beautiful and precious

than I could ever remember

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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