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That Time Of The Month

She curled up like a ball

Didn’t care of the world at all.


It hurt and made her cranky

Anxious and often angry.


She also gets so moody

All because it’s the time of month to be bloody.


Her cravings grow stronger

She can’t fight it any longer.


Chocolate is her comfort

It eases the discomfort.


She massages her aching abdomen to ease the pain

And wishes she could just stay in bed all day again.

September is here again

Remember when it came, back then?

Forever, it seems since it last visited 

Over, it will be although I hope not soon enough

October and the other Ber months can wait for a while

End Of August

August ended when it felt like it just started

Another end, another beginning

Life’s cycle as they say

I look back and I wonder what I’ve done with my time

Was I fruitful in August at all?

The start of the second half of the year

And I don’t know why

Why it’s just different and I’m ecstatic

A month just for me


There goes another year,

Like another time,

Another place,

Another lifetime.

We’ve been able to get this far,

And farther we will go still.

The year will soon be new

But same old me and same old you.

Older and hopefully wiser and better and happier.

No plan will work out like you’d want to but go at it anyway

Because before you know it,

Another year would have gone by again.

Chapter 2016

This chapter is almost through 

Only a couple more pages left to fill

Another year and something new

And maybe some more coffee spills.
Add more colors to end the chapter right

Smile from the heart, to brighten up the night.
And as one chapter ends,

Another begins

A quick and simple rhyme
Just because my favorite month is about to end,
Doesn’t mean I’m all spent.
Before December says goodbye
And soon 2016 will say “hi”
I’d like to say a quick thanks to all
That supported this blog through it all

The Great June

June is a waterfall that trickles gently
It blooms ever magnificently!
It’s silent and calm
And beautiful to some

June is a weather fair and rainy
The sun does hide and seek daily
It let’s us know tropical summer is done
The dry season is dead and gone

June is a month like any other
So why did I even bother
To write and dedicate this poetry
To June instead to February

Whatever the reason may be
I know June will be somehow great for me

Oh June!

May has left me
And I am happy
June has finally come
It’s July I’d be happier to see
But more so for August

So much change for this year
But finally one that I would love to see

Month of Summer

The scorching heat of the sun

Pierced my skin

I bled yet no blood is spilled

I walked what seemed like the desert

Parched and drained to my very core


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