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The Early Morning

In the morning I awake

Before the sun even breaks

I take the moment, I take the silence

I take pleasure in the absence

Of the noise and the fast paced world

Of the toss  and turn where my visiobn becomes blurred

I take each moment that I am alone

Because it is when I am alone, I feel whole

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That moment….

…when you have to decide whether to go or not
And you feel he doesn’t want to go just yet as well

That feeling that he wants just a bit more time with you
Or maybe it’s just you wanting more time with him

Then you realize…
…he could be everything you wanted all along

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No Rush

Drink me dry then make me whole

Promise me the world

Tell me things I’d like to hear

And show what it’s worth


We both know and it’s starting to show

People are wondering

They tease, they joke, they stare

It overflows no matter how we hide it

But I can wait, I’ve been waiting


Rush not the feelings

Rush not the truth

Wait for that moment

It will be worth it all