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Look at the mirror

See a face

Sometimes I see the reflection of the real me

But oftentimes

She hides so far away that she’s out of reach


I walk around and see a mirror

I look away because I don’t like what I see

I never liked what it shows me

The girl with all the flaws

But the mirror never lies

Why can’t it?

I wish for once it would

See Myself Thin

It’s not funny

I’m self conscious…all the time

I look at the mirror

Try to cheer myself up

Gain the confidence

But it gets depleted with each people who look at me funny.

The skinny can easily find clothes that fit

The heavy….well, we often struggle

My self esteem has left years ago

So I curl up on my bed

And hide in my room

Hello Me

It’s been a while since I faced the mirror 

Its been a while since I saw myself

I have seen many horrors

That sometimes I wish I was someone else

So one this day I slowly walked up to my reflection 

And I saw the real me for the first time

The mirror tells no lies

Holds no secrets

Shows all desires

What is looking back is a face I do not want

A body I’d be willing to trade

But the mind says, “no I can’t”
The mirror tells no lies

So I hide from it

I can’t seem to accept the person looking back

I looked at myself in the mirror

And said,

I’m pretty

I’m strong

I’m confident

I’m fine the way I am

No need to be a size two

Don’t want to conform with what society demands

I’m fine the way I am

That’s what I see

When I looked at myself in the mirror

Holding on tightly

Slipping to the edge

I could be past the breaking point

I hear the silence

It haunts me in my sleep

It mocks me and taunts me

Tell me I’m unworthy


The mirror!

Oh how I loathe it

How I despise the mere thought of it

It shows me that I am unlovable

That I am vulnerable


They say I’m beautiful

They tell me to stop

That I am dying

Slowly and surely

But I see differently

My eyes deceive me


I close my eyes and I drift away

To a dark void

And I may never get out

Reflections of the Mirror

mirror mirror on the wall

I see a girl who’s not so tall

she’s not as pretty as can be

nor is she as elegant or attractive

her eyes are too small; her nose not as high

her hair is always unruly

her cheeks too chubby

her hips too wide

no curves to compliment


she cries in silence and in whisper

SMASH! goes the mirror

if only she can

she’s no Snow White,

no sleeping beauty like Aurora

no beauty like Belle

more like a beast

…..or worst


the mirror on the wall

she wish that it would fall

it paints a picture undesirable

its reflections show a girl, vulnerable


but if the mirror could only reply

it would tell the truth, not a lie

it would tell her she is fair, fairest of all

inside and out

and that is without a doubt

do not compare yourself to others

it would say

for everyone is unique, including you

you grow more beautiful

day by day

if you look at the otherside of the mirror

you’ll see what is true, what is real


reflections, refractions

depends on what you want to see

or what you wish to see

it reflects the best or the worst

depending on which side

you want to see


mirror mirror on the wall

I hope to see what you see

the eyes that see

what’s real; what’s beautiful

in me


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