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Hello Me

It’s been a while since I faced the mirror 

Its been a while since I saw myself

I have seen many horrors

That sometimes I wish I was someone else

So one this day I slowly walked up to my reflection 

And I saw the real me for the first time

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Mine Heart

It beats fast, it beats slow

When it sees you it glows

You roll your eyes so naturally 

And I stumble and fall dangerously

It dribbles and it dangles

It clicks and it jangles

It speaks of you and the thought of you

It feels more, yes! More than you ever knew

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The Boy (Will Never Be Mine)

I’ve fallen for someone beyond my reach

I am non existent to him

I know better and should practice what I preach.

But how do you get over someone who was never yours?

The craziness within is slowly taking its course.

I sing his songs and see his face, imagining things that would never be

I know it is crazy,

I know this will go away……eventually

For now, I will let my imagination run wild until I am set free

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I Wish

I wish it were easy

I wish it doesn’t sound cheesy

But I often wish it were you and I

Too often at times it makes me want to cry

But there is no you and me

Only you and her and well, just myself you see

I wish you were it

Because it seems that we’re a perfect fit

Who knows maybe in the future

You might change your mind and become my suitor

I wish I could just tell you

But it never is easy and that is true

I wish someday this won’t be just a wish

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My Question

do i have your heart?

is it mine to love?

is it mine to keep?

does it year for me, like how mine yearns for you?

does it miss me as much as mine misses you?

am i reading it all wrong or is it the truth?

for my heart is yours, all yours and only yours.

all that i ask in return, is for you to give me your heart completely

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My Sorrows Song

so here it goes,
My sorrows song,
A song that’s short,
And not to long,
A silent pain, you’ll never feel,
A broken heart, that’ll never  heal
How do you kill, A dying love,
One that you thought, was sent from  above
One that brought so many lies and tears
One that you swore would  last through the years
But now I lie here,
Broken in pain,
Clinging to  life,
And whispering your name,
Now realizing you were never the  one,
But now it’s to late, ‘cuz my song is done.

-Candace Nua-