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Caught Up

The end of September

Just a month to go

Before we go full cycle

Before we started it all


Almost a year

Can’t believe it’s been that long

I have to let go now

I have to go on


Torn apart by friendship and love

Could not have both

So a choice has to be done

I know I haven’t won


Let me hold you one more time

Let me see you smile like you did before

Let it be the last time

Let’s get back to being the kind of friend we were

Though I know with these scars,

It never will be again

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It’s not morning, yet it’s not night

It’s not midnight or midday

It’s when the stars fill the sky

And the moon greets the sun as it wakes up

For a moment they meet

And I’m caught in the middle

To my left the sleepy city

Still caught in the darkness of night

To my right the sleepy sun slowly rises

I look up and I see

The most wonderful thing

Night and day meet, hand in hand

They greet each other

What a lovely scene, what a lovely landscape

I stand there in awe

I take a deep breath and close my eyes

I feel the moment and bask in it

As dawn approaches ever cautiously