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Sometimes physical, sometimes emotional
Other times mental

What’s certain is though is that it is rampant
Be the weather cold, dry, hot, snowing….
Sickness is everywhere

Your kind of sickness is physical
Mine is emotional
Others…..well others is a mixture but mainly mental

They put others down
They find content, or so they think, when others are in pain
Or undergoing hardship

Society has a sickness that is eating it up slowly
And most people don’t even know about it

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Didn’t know what to do what was I thinking?

No, I…I wasn’t thinking at all

something told me, whispered to my ear

what is this? what have I done?

Where is here and when is now?

I’ve been loosing time

can’t recall what happened  

He calls…from a distance

…don’t know who he is

A dark passage, voices so many voices

talking at the same time

Some taunt, some laugh, some cry one…

one voice tells me to run

What have I done? What did I do?

“RUN!”, the voice said

I do not recall anything

Where is here and when is now?  

Something slimy and warm

runs from my arm to my hands

what is this? where am I?

what have I done?

A person, laying like crumpled paper

vision so vivid,

passing and playing in my mind…

my mind like a movie, a silent movie

What is this I’m holding?

help me! someone, please!

I’m shaking, I close my eyes

where am I? what have I done?

“RUN! RUN!”, that voice again, the voice I hear  

a dark, deep voice is talking now

silencing the voice that’s been….. telling me to run

A laugh, a scary, cold laugh I look around

…where’s the voice?

where are these voices coming from?  

I hear…I hear someone speak

I spin around and face the mirror

 to my surprise, my lips move

a voice came, that was not my own

“YOU!”, it said…”we are coming from YOU”  

I am lost…I cannot be saved

 …..not anymore