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Meant To Be

You and I were meant to meet each other

But just in passing

Just a glimpse

Not even to really get to know one another.

I know your name

But you might never know mine.

I’ll be that familiar face you’ve seen from somewhere

But that’s all I will ever be.

You and I were destined to meet each other

But not meant to be together.

©Maria Michaela

Half Meant

Didn’t he know that when I said we should be for each other 

It was not just a joke?

Half of it was hoping

Most of it was true
And didn’t he know my feelings weren’t a lie?

Couldn’t he see?

It was all half meant

How can I make a rhyme?

Using your name and mine?
Do they even go together?
Are they meant for each other?

Maybe they aren’t meant to be
Not even in rhymes or poems
Even words can’t lie
Maybe there just isn’t a you and I

Meant To Be Never

I want to touch the rainbow and bend with the breeze

Capture my captivated soul with endless serenity

Sing to me a lullaby, the one you sang before

Fill my tears with your breath, warm and comforting

Then leave me hanging like a leaf on the tree

Until I turn brown and decay with ease


I carry my voice through the rain

And tell the birds the story that never was you and I

Undone me and bury me ‘neath the ground

Where I get lost in time, perhaps forgotten

I want to dive the ocean and sing away with the stars

Where the moon awaits the smile that has left my face


You tear me down to pieces, like a puzzle that will never be once more

I hold your hand like holding thin air

In fact it’s nothing more than that

I fall upwards to where I once was lost

Was found, but you broke me yet you don’t even realize it

I cry dry tears of nothingness as I am used to it

And never will I ever like you’ll never ever

Be the same or different like before


unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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