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Puto ug Sikwati

Photo from Queen City Cebu Facebook page

Pagkalami sa puto ug sikwati

Sayo sa buntag nga painit kini

Pakapinan ug manggang hinog

Aguy kalami! Mag sa-ulog!

Puto and sikwati is very yummy

Early in the morning, this’ll warm your tummy

You may top it with some ripe mango

It’s so delicious, it’ll make you do the tango!

©Maria Michaela

Puto and sikwati is a common breakfast dish in the Visayan Region of The Philippines.

Puto is a glutinous rice and it is wrapped on banan leaf. The banana leaf not only adds flavor to the glutinous rice, it serves as its wrapper too so no need for plastic.

Sikwati or also spelled as sikwate, is essentially hot cocoa. This goes well together with the puto. You may dip the puto in the sikwati or you may get a bowl and soak it in. Use your fork or spoon and be very careful because it’s hot!

The ripe mango, which is the national fruit of The Philippines and one of the products here in Cebu, is optional. If you want to “upgrade” your puto and sikwati experience, put the mango on top of the puto and eat then slowly sip the sikwati (ahhhh).

Puto is not always white. There’s a purple-ish one we call Tapul (this is my fave). For me, I find this has more flavour than the white one.

Putong Tapul

You may also eat the puto by itself (no sikwati or mango). Usually if eaten alone, we top or dip a bit of it in brown sugar or better yet, in muscuvado.

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Break The Fast

The night before, the stars filled the sky ; I woke up the day after July

The smell of coffee filled the air ; As I got up and brushed my hair

I heard the music of spoon and fork on plate ; I take in an idea on what awaits

Outside, it’s cold as there is a drizzle while food on hot pan in the kitchen sizzles

I hear a tick and a tock ; I look around and see it’s the clock

A yawn, a stretch, maybe an exercise for a start ; That will be good for the heart

But that day I felt like being lazy ; Down the stairs I went, I wanted to take it easy

Porridge, omelette, bread and some cooked ham ; A slice of bacon and toast with jam

A lovely breakfast with the whole family, is what I need to start a wonderful day