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Everyday I Age

Everyday….I age

And everyday…I look forward to being mature

In action, emotions and thought

Everyday….I age

And I see more beauty than when I was younger

I appreciate more the things money cannot buy

Everyday….I age

And I enjoy each moment never wasting it like the younger ones do

Everyday I age……I become a better person

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Back From Neverland

‘Twas there that I met him

There were I grew and learned

The place unlikely for a girl to learn

What it is to be an adult


I wanted to stay a child, just like that


But fate had its own way


I wanted to be with him

Wanted to stay

He was my first love

But I had to leave

To move on

To grow


I chose to age

To grow in grace

To be mature

To learn from the adventures

that we had


He is more than a memory

The boy who flew

He taught me things

He never thought he knew


And so here I am

Rocking on a chair

Staring at the brightest star to the left

Feeling the weight of age

For this is my choice

For people are supposed to grow old

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Don’t think me pathetic,

Don’t think of me a fool

Don’t think it silly or strange

I’m hoping you’d see it as quite cool


If only I could use more mature words

To let you know how I truly feel

Instead of such childish descriptions

Instead of hiding hurt, so you can come and

work your magic so I can be healed


Don’t think me such a kid

and just turn away, be ignored

Look at me, see me for who I am

Loosing you before even having you

is something I can’t afford


Although having you around feels like being a child

all over again

How I feel, is not as childish as it seems

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Forever Young, I Don’t Want To be

The wrinkles on my face prove the beauty of my age
The lines on my face shows the beauty I have seen
and what I have encountered
My white hair shows the intelligence I’ve gain
how I became a sage
My memory is a bit faulty….there’s just so many things
I’ve learned, known and gained
My creaking bones stand witness
to the trials I’ve overcome 
the hurdles and problems I’ve juggled
My age is my trophy, it’s proof of the life I’ve lived
I look forward to growing old
And one day I will look back, regretting nothing