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Bride Never To Be

I will never walk down the aisle with that gown of white
Never will I ever see a face looking at me ready to protect and to fight
for me

This road I walk
I take on
Is not for the faint of heart

Alone but never lonely
Scared but strong
A maid for life

So cheers to those who are and became brides
No bitterness I take
As I watch from the sidelines
True happiness I pray

Maria Michaela

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One Knee

Girl, you captured my heart and I get lost in your presence

I feel goosebumps and hold my breath everytime you speak

You’ve always made me feel good

Pick me up when I’m down and understood my shortcomings

You’re the half that makes me whole

I can’t imagine living life without you

Now that I’ve experienced what it’s like to be around you

And so tonight, I set things straight

As I have one knee down, I ask the question that will

change our lives forever…

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The 29th

Twenty-nine years of marriage,

Twenty-nine years of fun

Twenty-nine years of laughter,

Twenty-nine years and we’re not yet done

Twenty-nine years we shared together,

Twenty -nine years we’ve been through all

Twenty-nine years we experienced trials,

Twenty-nine years we still stand tall

Twenty-nine years, it wasn’t perfect

But regrets, that I have none

After twenty-nine years the chldren have grown,

The memories of their childhood will never be gone

Twenty-nine years it rained and it shined,

We were young then but now, not so

I’m glad we’re stll here after all the storm,

And I know we will always be for twenty-nine years more.

To my parents who celebrate their 29th anniversary on the 29th of April 2012.

-Isis (maria michaela)