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Wonderful In White

They’re all marching

Arm in arm

Everyone smiling

Pearly whites showing

Cameras flashing

He waits, excitedly shivering

Looking like Prince Charming

Or a knight in armor shining

His eyes, they seem like dancing

In the altar I arrive

He smiles as we wait for his bride

And I wonder

Would I look wonderful in white?

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End of March 

You used to inspire me

And now you just annoy me

I don’t know why I tried to hold on before

It felt so tiresome, I felt so sore

The smiles you gave were temporary and fleeting 

Now I look back on our first meeting 

It only took you a couple of months to take my heart

And now, after many years of being apart

I’m glad to say it has come to an end

And I’m better now, although a little bent

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March of the Ghosts

warm summer’s evening turned suddenly chilly

as the night wind blows strong from the east

a child sleeping is awakened by the sound

a sound like that of thunder

yet the night sky is clear

peeping through the window

the child gasps and stares

hundreds, maybe thousands

of beings unknown

march on to the night


they go on, unnoticed by others it seems

they sing a sad song

of a language long forgotten

they bring the mist with them as they pass

onwards to nowhere

forever marching forth

to a war that has ended

their curse, never lifted

they go on

peace, they try to find once more