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succulent and delectable

juicy green or yellow

tasty and mouth-watering

yummy to the tummy

tongue-tied, deliciousness

every bite is heavenly

you want to eat more

dig in, have a bite or two……or more

eat up and be covered by its goodness


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Beautiful Cebu

Wide is the sun, light is the wave

Dark is the chocolate, the one I crave

Beautiful is the island, Pearl of the Orient Seas

Cool is the pineapple, wonderful is the breeze

The cross of Magellan, momentous where it stands

Near the church majestic, colossal and grand

Beaches, waterfalls, a paradise in Malapascua; a place you want to stay

Or maybe to a mountain top of a view that takes your breath away

Relax and unwind from the busy schedule

I stretch my legs and slice the mango; tasty, juicy, makes my saliva dribble

I listen to music from a guitar of awesome handicraft

This is Cebu, a place I call my home