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The ocean, magnificent, beautiful, captivating

It is vast, wide and deep

With colours and hues that are majestic

It starts off with a pale green

And soon starts to darken

Deeper it goes, it turns to a shade the colour of the sky

Then darker still

The deeper it is, the more treasures and mysteries it holds

Secrets kept away from the eyes and hands of mankind

What waits down below?

I can only guess

But I know for certain, it is a place

I would like to know more

Explore more

What lies beneath the ocean floor

To be one with the ocean

To be free

To swim with the creatures

That continue to amaze me

I would like to spend more time with the ocean

To breathe freely

And just to be…..

I wrote this poem on our way to Bohol for my brother’s wedding. I have always loved to sea and the ocean. Living in an archipelagic country, I get to see loads of it. I have dreamed of becoming a Marine Biologist. However, it’s hard to be one here in the Philippines so I opted to take up Psychology instead. Anyway, while we were on the fast craft, I could not help but be in awe and be amazed by the beauty of the ocean. Inspired by its beauty, I wrote or to be more exact, typed this poem to my laptop. Our ocean needs to be cared for as our pollution threatens to ruin it. Let us help keep our oceans clean. SUPPORT!  ^_^