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Over The Moon

Under sheets,
under years and years of
turning leafs and lingering
through broken
heart beats,

under the street lights,
beneath the nights
that stretch on for miles,

after all the after-a-while’s,
after piles of music,
and lyrics,
and ugly hands,

over the distance,
over the past,
over the moon and back

through the silence,
throughout conversation,
through the abuse of the new moons,

in the dives,
diving in to the unknown,
drowning in the bent
and the broken,

above solidity,
up above everything,

away from the mess
away from life,
deep into veins,
into pain,
around towering walls,
around brick after brick,
around heaviness,
through distance,
through time,
through space,
through heartache,

and back again,
here I am

deep under sheets,
over the moon,
in love with you.


I love this poem. Maggie, was the very first person who clicked on the “Follow” button. I didn’t know that existed until I got the notification ;). I didn’t think anyone would follow my posts. She inspired me because of that and continues to do so. She’s a great poet and I love her poems. I’m following her here at WordPress. I recommend you check her page out. You can see the blogs I follow on the right side panel. Her page is listed there. Also, you can click her name to go to her page as well or click this link to check the poem on her page: