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I fell in love…

…but that was before.
I thought it would not end,
I thought it was for sure.

But that was before
I do not regret it,
I feel no bitterness,
I feel free now.

Free to know myself more,
Free to be myself,
Free to just be.

I may fall in love again someday
But not soon
Not yet
Not now

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Bright As Stars

When you’re lonely
When you feel you’re alone and only
When you’re down
And your smile turns into a frown
Look up and see what He has for you
You are important and loved too
Never for once feel you are unwanted
For greatness in you has been planted
Never let darkness cover your light
Shine on, shine bright!

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Until It Hurts

And so I begin to understand

What it truly feels like

True love and loving until it hurts

Until you bleed out

The pain is unbearable at first

But becomes tolerable later on

And so I choose to be hurt by you

Because it is a privilege

No matter what I do, I always come back to you

And so I let it be