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Dark Days

I see the light in your darkest days

I see the moon on a moonless night

I look forward to the sun rising after it has set

I choose to see light even on the darkest days


How difficult it must be to love me

How hard it must be not to be noticed

To be put aside

Like I’ve done to so many

And yet, I do not feel the loneliness

Either I am numb or just happy to be without anyone

Easy Love

If loving was easy

If to be loved were all that

Then why are there people 

Who still feel lonely all the time?

Old Maid 

Is it too bad?

Is it too sad?

To be single until you’re old?
Is it really a lonely life,

If you’re not someone’s wife?

Do you think it so?

Of Love

I dream of love but it never comes

It’s all just a silly plan, nothing more

I dream of walking hand and hand with the one

Yet I could never get a score
There is a reason, I know

A reason why the sun never rises on my side

A reason why love never shows

A reason why love seem to just slide
It can get lonely, sometimes

But most days are dandy

Though I continue to dream of love

And that sugar sweet feeling, like candy

Lonely Am I

I watch them walk by
And I can’t helo but sigh
These faces unfamiliar to me
These faces that look but do not see
They know nothing of me and I…
I sit alone with no company but my own

I’m Lost And Alone

I do not mind being alone
But now I feel this pain
My mind has been over blown
I don’t think I have anything to gain

People all around seems to have someone
And I am left with none

Am I so wrong that no one is right for me?
I wonder what it is I do not see

Everyone Is Alone

Darkness falls
I am alone
I do not cry
I say no word
I am alone
The light is far away
I am left here to stay
They all move on
But I am alone
People all around
But it still feels empty
And I know, I am alone

Single Blissfulness

I admit
It can be lonely, sometimes
Specially when you’ve been waiting
When at one point he would be it but isn’t after all
When you were so ready
Yet it wasn’t meant to be

You ask what’s wrong with yourself
Then you look at all the blessings you have
And say you’re happy and contented

But I guess you really come to a point
When you feel lonely
And wish that whoever he is
Comes soon

Then there’s someone with great potential
Has almost all the things you like and sometimes even more
You can’t help but slowly grow closer
But the catch is
That person has a significant other
Not married but somehow committed

So you float along
Back to the beginning
From where it started
And try to find that happiness of being without a significant other

Lonely Mr. Moon

I keep wondering

I keep thinking

How is it one so beautiful and loved by many

Be ever so lonely?


You sit there looking down

While people look up at you in awe

Still you long for company

No one and nothing seems to fill it

Is that why there are times you leave the sky?


Do you hide the hurt away?

Are you crying in secret?

I’d love to talk to you sometime

Words from a Little Person

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