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A Little

You know I was beginning to like you,

A little at first

Then it grew, well just a little.

Then you started to be distant,

A little at first and then some more.

Part of me hoped you were going to be it,

Part of me died when I found out you weren’t.

You see, no matter how little it was that I felt for you

I felt something anyway.

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Little Sugar Plum

Why so blue

Little sugar plum?

Am I not reason enough for you to smile?


I hold

the rainbow on my lips

One smile is all it takes

Look at me now and it’ll all be clear


My little sugar plum

Isn’t it kind of dumb

That we both still play these games?

Have I not been sunshine to your dark cloud?


Oh look at you!

All cute and cuddly

Sitting there like a harmless bunny

Oh my little sugar plum

Do not worry too much

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You Pretty Little Thing

Hey you pretty little thing

Silly little thing you are

Cuteness bundled up

And you don’t even notice


My heart raises whenever you’re around

It rises in a good way


Oh sweet little thing

What a pleasure it is to be near you

Your presence gives joy to the once aching heart


Oh sweetness I adore thee

And I am contented to be

As close as we are now

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Little Black and White Dress

she dances in the night like the first night you saw her

she moved with grace despite,



she was grand with eyes of deep light brown

a beauty beyond description,

recognition or belief


she took the dance floor and made it her own

her style is beyond years, beyond time

beyond Technicolor

beyond the black and white façade


she is timeless

elegant with simplicity

you know you’ll never forget this night

and the way she looks on that dress

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wHaT WiLL i DiScOvEr ToDaY?

I am a little child, a small thing in a big world

My mind is precious, my imagination great

One moment I’m a pirate, sailing the seven seas

Searching for buried treasure

Next I’m a fire fighter, saving a kitten from a burning building


I am little yet I hold the world at the palm of my hands

The world is my stage, I can be anyone I like

I can go wherever I want, without leaving my room

Travel across the universe and return before bedtime

My happiness is simple, I don’t need extravagant things

I am easily contented and I love to laugh


I now know that frogs don’t fly, because they went splat

when I threw them in the air

I know that cats meow and dogs chase them

Birds chirp and fly and eat squirmy worms

And mom gets angry when I play with mud


Playing is what adults see, but it’s an adventure for me

Scabs and wounds may fill my body

But lessons I learn that broaden my knowledge

I am a little child, a small thing in a big world

I wonder what I will discover today?