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Series of waiting

Wait in line

Wait for your turn

Wait for the call to go through

Or for someone to call you

Life is a series of waiting, I guess

It’s Almost The End

I can see the finish line,

I can see this journey is about to end.

I can tell I’m almost done

Writing things on the wall.

This will all have to stop at some point

And I think it’s coming close

It’s coming soon

I’m nearly done.

There is a thin line between moving on and holding on

It is never easy trying to pick up the pieces when there’s so many

You think logically but

Somewhere deep down your hypothalamus refuses to believe it

The important thing is you tried

Do not pressure yourself for not moving on fast enough

Healing takes time

Just allow yourself to breathe

Drawing With Words

I write for I know not how to draw

I describe for I was unable to take a snapshot of what I saw.

My fingers do the dance at every line

Since I have two left feet, though they work just fine.

The things I imagine, I share with words

Thousands upon millions come in hoards.


I do this for this is what I do

To draw an image, without really doing so

Keeping Busy

I waited in line and got bored to death

so I let my imagination fly…


I first went to outer space, all the way

to the moon and back.

The people inline didn’t even notice I’ve gone


So I went on another trip

to the future far away — where cars fly

and hover from the ground,

Where pollution is a thing of the past

and sidewalks move like that of the Jetsons


Then under the sea I went.

Befriended fish and sharks alike ;

ate seaweeds and plankton, which I didn’t like.


I then went halfway around the world.

In Japan I met a real Samurai,

Guam and Hawaii where I learned to surf.


But then I got pulled back to reality

finally it was my turn.

If the line had been a bit longer,

I would have stopped at Mt. Everest

and ate shaved ice

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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