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Near Christmas

The lights flicker and glow

The time and the moment pass by slow

I watch the world busy itself

Put myself up on the shelf

I sit with a warm cup of coffee on hand

Looking at this beauty so grand

And then my thoughts drift to you

Wondering if your Christmas would still be blue

It’s near Christmas, I hope you feel the warmth.

Lights of Christmas

They twinkle

They shine

The colors change each time

Like stars up high

They bring smile and warmth to my heart

Christmas Lights

The lights they gleam and sparkle

They twinkle ever so bright

Reminds me that it’s nearly Christmas

And good times and cheers are to come!

Christmas Lights 

They come out during December 

And make it special even more

Lights twinkle and sparkle 

And I feel the moment slow down

Sleep with the light of the moon and stars
Dream away
The open sky is your roof
Look up! What a lovely sight!

And maybe, somewhere, someday
You’ll dance and be kissed under the wondrous lights

The lights are fading

The music is gone
The snow is dripping
And the carols are lost

Is that how fast you can move away and forget
What was shared under the mistletoe?
Now that the celebration is done
Does thatmeam we go back to
What we were not?


I put the wreath on the door
The Christmas tree is ready too
The lights are all on and are sparkling
The gifts are all ready
And so am I
The table is filled with a feast
And I’m happy I can start with the dessert

Twinkling like stars
Brightly they shine.
Sparkling like champagne on ice
They color the streets very nice.

Of blue, of green, of yellow
These are the colors
That greeted me home
Making me feel that Christmas is near

I woke up at midnight

And saw the lights up north
They filled the night sky of beauty incomparable
The dark sky was clear
And on this Christmas eve, I am glad that no fireworks are up
For the natural December sky
Is all I need to complete my cheers

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